Image of a men hand holding car keys offering new blue car on background
Data Analytics

Customer Insights: Using Facebook data to challenge the assumptions of who the customer is

A major car-sharing company (car rentals by the hour) was having difficulty gaining new customers. They had a high-quality CRM database but wanted to perform a segmentation analysis to better…

Image of a stack of coupons. Our team helped a national retailer create better forecasts as they used analytics to understand which traffic-driving coupons worked.
Data Analytics

Advanced Forecasting: Switching from Product-Centric to Customer-Centric

A multi-billion-dollar speciality retailer marketed to consumers using primarily traffic-driving coupons (e.g. “20% Off Any One Regular Price Item”). However, the client had a variety of different coupons in the rotation…

Image of burger and fries - a picture of a meal that quick service restaurants (QSRs) would serve.
Data Analytics

1:1 Personalization: Getting the right message to the right person at the right time

A national quick service restaurant (QSR) wanted to increase and drive the number of incremental trips to their locations. The client needed guidance on who to target, which marketing channel…

Image of a Shopping bag full of peppers and other vegetables.
Data Analytics

Descriptive and Predictive Analytics Saves a Manufacturer Over $100M a Year

Consumer goods manufacturers often provide – and pay for — promotions on their products to generate interest and to ultimately gain new customers. A consumer-packaged goods manufacturer had dozens of…