Today’s colleges and universities are dually focused on attracting new students and maintaining strong connections to their alumni. Archetype is working with schools to leverage their data to gain insights on what matters most to their students and donors.


Campuses across the country are facing challenges in keeping students enrolled and meeting annual admissions goals. In addition, advancement offices compete for their donors’ attention against savvy communication and marketing campaigns. Archetype can help develop data-driven strategies to address these challenges, anticipate needs, and identify opportunities. We are helping institutions of higher learning apply data analytics to gain insight into recruitment, retention, and donor activities.

Anticipate Student Needs

From the initial visit to the application, acceptance, and orientation, detailed information is gathered, holding the potential to design the ideal learning experience for every student. Track how well you are meeting students’ expectations and monitor feedback to improve retention and support students’ success.

Enhance Donor Relations

Staying connected to your alumni is critically important to development and advancement objectives. We can apply technology and analytics successfully used in commercial industries to increase engagement with your alumni and donors. Gain insights to help you deliver the right message at the right time.

Track Financial Performance

A combination of economic pressures and demand for greater transparency requires higher ed organizations to monitor and report operational metrics and KPIs. Our team understands how to integrate data across your organization and build dashboards to guide both strategic and operational decisions.
Degree Granting Institutions

Competition for new students will continue to rise as enrollments drop and pressure for affordability increases.

Donations Lost

The Association of Fundraising Professionals reports that nonprofits are losing approximately $4.2 billion, yearly due to donation attrition in various forms including donation abandonment. And that is only the nonprofits studied.

Receive Financial Aid

Cost is a primary driver for first-year students when selecting the college or university they will attend, and the most common reason for not selecting the first choice school.

Donors Recovered

Successfully recapture donors who abandon their online giving form by emailing them within 24 to 48 hours of the abandonment.

Case Studies

Mid-sized university uses data to pinpoint how to spend their fundraising effort
Higher Education
Mid-sized university uses data to pinpoint how to spend their fundraising effort

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