Healthcare organizations are making changes to reward value, emphasize prevention, and drive positive health outcomes. We can make that change easier using data to power your initiatives and accelerate healthcare quality improvements for the benefit of your patients and providers.


Changes in delivery and payment systems are placing demands on health networks that require real-time information and the ability to anticipate needed resources. Despite the environment of uncertainty, provider organizations must find a way to shift toward value-based systems of delivery, measurement, and cost. In our approach, the process is as important as the results. We start where the work happens to create solutions that perform for you and add value to the provider and patient experience.

Operationalize Your Strategy

Data holds tremendous value when the right questions are asked. We can help interpret your strategic goals into metrics to guide and predict paths to success.

Accelerate System Improvements

Visual systems and dynamic dashboards combine clinical and financial data allowing early insights to spot performance and productivity issues and improve outcomes.

Anticipate Population Needs

Identify growth and savings opportunities using predictive analytics to plan and prepare for changes in patient populations. Improve accuracy of capacity planning, manage risk, and optimize revenue.
Share of Data

The healthcare industry generates nearly a third of the world’s data, representing a valuable tool with the potential to impact cost, access, and quality.

Untapped Potential

Healthcare data is largely untapped, with an estimated 80% of data being stored and not being used.

Healthcare Leaders

Respondents in a survey who indicated untimely data in legacy systems limited operational efficiency.

Years Experience

Archetype practice leadership uses first-hand knowledge to solve problems and provide relevant insights.

Case Studies

A customer behavior view identifies source of member loss
Data Analytics, Healthcare
A customer behavior view identifies source of member loss
Hospital Connects Cancer Patients to Optimal Clinical Trials
Hospital Connects Cancer Patients to Optimal Clinical Trials

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