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Lack of consistent information and significant manual intervention to generate reports

A global management consulting firm found its business intelligence environment was not keeping pace with their dynamic business model. An internal assessment of the financial reporting systems identified gaps in quality and efficiency across several areas:

  • Lack of consistent information available throughout the organization
  • Significant and expert manual intervention required to generate reports
  • Limited availability to quickly respond to ad-hoc analysis needs
  • Multiple sources of information, inconsistent application, and constant reconciliations
  • No reporting platform; systems developed years ago with no sustained investment.

They turned to Archetype to create a stronger business intelligence and financial reporting solution.


As the company expanded, the firm needed to satisfy future state needs related to business reporting across their complex global organization.

They partnered with Archetype to lead the design and implementation of a business intelligence and reporting solution to satisfy their future state goals.

The implementation focused on the following objectives:

  • Develop a scalable data repository and roll-out to all reporting units
  • Create easy-to-use business intelligence capabilities and graphical interfaces
  • Automate data linkage and transformation to reduce manual intervention
  • Improve organization of information and introduce visualization tool for analysis
  • Create consistent regional views with drill-down capabilities
  • Automate and standardize reports with centralized delivery model


Archetype created a two-part solution for the client:

  1. Working with client teams, Archetype produced a current state architecture document and a future state design, incorporating business needs and thought leadership. The outcome of this step was the definition of future state lead requirements, design, and solution architecture for the enterprise data warehouse, with reporting solutions through business objects.
  2. Archetype then assisted the development team using Oracle database and transformation tools, and mentored client resources on best practices and issue remediation.


To create a reporting environment shared by local, regional and corporate financial data stakeholders is a huge undertaking. To deliver the project on time and on budget is part of Archetype’s DNA.

“The team was professional, easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. The design document you created has become the standard for all our vendors. Our team appreciated the level of content along with your database schema design, data flow principles, and best practices.”  ~Client, Data Architect

Archetype delivered the following key benefits:

  • Easy access to financial information and insights to guide tactical and strategic direction accordingly.
  • A robust, centrally sourced, self-service reporting capability with standard reporting and real-time/ad-hoc analysis capability
  • Business objects reports summarizing transactional level detail
  • available in Oracle General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Time and Billing, Human Resources, and other internal reporting platforms
  • Additional dimensionality to improve reporting/analysis and more timely access to accurate and detailed information