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Despite having the software, users reverted back to using individual spreadsheets

Archetype worked with a leader in innovative medicines that address the needs and challenges of people living with debilitating diseases. The company’s original Hyperion implementation was considered a failure and FP&A and other business users lost confidence in the application.

Since working with Archetype, the company has an entirely re-designed Hyperion Planning install and process.


This biopharmaceutical company had Hyperion Planning for a decade and sadly, many business users had lost confidence in the numbers they reported and the analysis they performed.

As a result, these users were forced to revert back to individual spreadsheets for complicated and critical data investigation. The FP&A team used Essbase and Excel for planning and budgeting, both outside the technology’s original purpose.

Their processes had no automation and the team was crippled by a poorly implemented set of tools. This frustrated users as they spent the majority of their time cleaning data leaving less time available for proactive and value adding analysis.

The company knew their existing technology was capable of providing the answers they needed; however, with the current lack of implementation, they would never realize its full potential.


Archetype worked to a solution through by first upgrading the existing Hyperion Planning environment from version 9.5 to version 11. Archetype managed this upgrade and used it as an opportunity to re-design the entire Planning environment.

For years, the company had lacked the ability to forecast accurately as a result of using an unfit set of tools. Now, the upgraded solution introduced several new forecasting models including a new 18-month rolling forecast based on real-time business drivers. This enabled the company to advance their financial perspective from reacting to the past, to proactively anticipating their future.

This re-designed process and system supports the business model and financial structure in a more intelligent way and provides a nimble and scalable solution moving forward.


This company’s continued success was paramount to Archetype. No company should ever see a regression back to individual spreadsheet analysis and have a disconnect between users and their tools. Users’ restored confidence in the new system would dictate its continued use across the business – and the success of Archetype’s work.

To achieve this, Archetype provided deep knowledge transfer to both the internal Hyperion Administrator and Finance Administrator.

  • The Hyperion Administrator learned to install, configure, upgrade and migrate the solution.
  • The Finance Administrator learned on-going hierarchies, calculations and master data management best practice processes.

This training enables the system to grow with the company without Archetype mediation. This biopharmaceutical company now has a solution built for their business to help them be prepared for a volatile industry.