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Data visualization helps identify trends and boost productivity

Archetype worked with a leading manufacturer of highly engineered, customized solutions in a number of critical industries. Their businesses are aligned with global growth drivers – urbanization, a growing middle class, and sustainable development – and their products provide solutions for customers in key end markets that underpin our modern way of life.

This manufacturing firm needed help kicking-off a large scale data visualization project. It was difficult for the group to monitor and analyze several key aspects of their business. They required a new analytic tool to connect these business units that were largely working out of spreadsheets resulting in data silos.

Since working with Archetype, they have moved from working in disparate spreadsheets to collaborating across the organization with critical and near real-time information.


The company wanted to begin a large-scale data visualization project as soon as possible but lacked the resources required to get moving quickly.

  • They knew an updated analysis platform would be incredibly useful to many people across the organization; however, they struggled with a corporate BI team who was thinly spread across many projects.
  • This team decided a specific division, centered around defense manufacturing, would be the project’s first implementation group. This division collects a huge amount of data from many daily transactions. These transactions were largely analyzed at an individual employee level and little collaboration existed given the difficulty of sharing information.
  • The division required a solution that would connect the groups including Finance, Sales, Purchasing, Operations, Quality and Customer Service.


The business units at this specific division performed analysis and generated reports largely from disparate spreadsheets.

  • Individuals wanted to slice and dice their data in many ways but it took too long and the tools were too cumbersome.
  • The users were impeded by an inflexible set of technologies and were not able to get the answers they required.

The solution Archetype helped build not only gives these users the answers they need but through data visualization, they now spot trends and identify valuable information that had previously gone unseen.

This solution has taken them from digesting raw numbers into proactive data discovery that spans key business units and their individuals.


After working with Archetype, here are some of the results:

  • The group now has Sales, Orders and Backlog data updated each night without any spreadsheet manipulation.
  • The solution alerts appropriate users to ‘red-flags’ the moment they need to know and gives them extensive analytic capabilities, with a user-friendly interface.
  • The users now perform valuable analysis and generate reports that had previously taken a huge amount of time or were outright impossible.

Archetype over-delivered on our statement of work with additional analysis pages and the start of a second application around Purchasing. This group now has a proper analytics platform and is taking a more proactive approach to analysis through information discovery and collaboration across the business.