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Manual reporting made it difficult to see recruiting, financing, and admission costs

A national consortium of independent law schools needed assistance in understanding the students they were attracting, admission rates, financing positions, LSAT scores and job placements for their graduating students to help attract new students. With several schools involved, the client did not have a single version of truth which captured their school’s data in a single dashboard. They turned to Archetype to help create a centralized data warehouse to gather and connect information from the various source systems as well as streamline the reporting process.


Because of the multiple entities and schools within the consortium, each schools’ employees completed reporting (via Excel) and as a result, complications frequently arose; there were no standardized processes and each entity followed its own individual preferences. This created problems around annual budgets and made it difficult to understand the cost per matriculation.

Moreover, the schools also were falling short of their goals. They didn’t have insight into their own Admission process or what type of students they were recruiting.

  • Were they serving quality students?
  • Were they serving the underprivileged communities like they hoped?
  • Were they preparing their students in a way that guaranteed job placement post-graduation?

The client was hoping to expand into additional states so understanding if its efforts were working to retain quality students.


Archetype led a tool selection process and follow-on implementation and support across 3 key areas:

  • Data warehousing
  • Financial planning
  • Analytics

The Archetype team worked closely with senior members of the organization to define, monitor, and react to key metrics and drivers of the business. Our team analyzed current-state financial processes and optimized it for use with an Oracle platform to standardize budgeting and financial reporting without losing any existing customization or functionality.

In parallel, Archetype implemented a data warehousing and dashboarding solution to replace the client’s manual Excel-based process. By connecting data from seven source systems and creating forms that are easy to monitor, Archetype created a centralized, reporting-ready data warehouse. Moreover, by using a data visualization tool, the client’s employees could read and access the data more quickly.


By developing one source of truth for all data, this ensured data consistency and integrity; it allowed the client to analyze key metrics without having to go to different sources to pull data. This also helped the client define a standardized and simplified budgeting process across their multiple entities and schools.

The overall solution allowed the client to gain new insight into the Admissions process and appropriately create the recruiting and marketing campaigns to retain quality students it sought. Through this, the client developed “Success Profiles,” which tracked each step of a student’s journey with the institution, from the application to finding a satisfying career. This also allowed the client to compare each journey with benchmarks (both their own and competitors’) and take proactive steps when necessary, ensuring that the schools still recruit and retain quality students.