We Go Beyond Data

Archetype excels in helping organizations navigate new or uncertain environments using data analytics and customer-centered technologies that provide real-time insights and feedback. 


Data Analytics

The promise of data analytics is hard to ignore given the competition and pressure for financial performance. We'll meet you where you are and help establish your analytics capabilities or advance existing systems.


Enterprise Performance Management

We help clients integrate financial results from the close process through the planning process to ensure effective pricing, profitability, expense management and forecast accuracy.


Analytics Value Chain

We approach data analytics as an evolutionary process. We will ensure you have a solid foundation and will build a roadmap for evolving and advancing your data strategy.


Information Management

Information is an organizational resource with applications that span the whole organization. We help organizations of all sizes design and implement sustainable and scalable solutions.



The Archetype team is always on top of the latest technologies that make sense for our customers. We are constantly vetting the latest tools to identify which best serve specific industries and verticals.

Comprehensive Services

From planning to education, training to ongoing technology support, we’ve got you covered. Archetype stays invested in your success and will support your team in preparing for and using technology for your analytics needs.

Simply put, the Archetype Blueprint will define your problem and scope the solution.

The benefits of the Blueprint are two-fold:

  • The first benefit is consensus. We foster a discuss and help your organization come to a consensus on what current processes work and which ones to elimate. Without this alignment, success is hard to achieve.
  • The second benefit is a clearly articulated future state solution architecture that supports business goals and fits within the enterprise-wide technology landscape.
Getting to a Common Voice

While the traditional requirements gathering approach is effective at documenting the wide range of perspectives and priorities across an organization, the Blueprint goes a step further, driving a common voice and prioritized consensus. This is critical in ensuring ROI, buy-in and an effective roll-out. The designed future state Blueprint will align business processes and technology.

Our approach includes the following deliverables:

  • Prioritization Heat Map: This gives clarity around which solutions to focus on and prioritize.
  • Workstream Timelines: These timelines consider all the requirements, design, data validation, and testing, and will provide an accurate portrayal of the project phase and estimation of time.
  • Implementation Strategy: This identifies software components, related process, information flow and interdependencies.
  • Future State Systems Overview: This shows all of the data source systems and how they interact with one another.
Empower your team with knowledge

At Archetype, we value our customers’ continued success and technical relevance. For these reasons, we provide training to help ensure our customers are effectively leveraging existing technology and exploring best practices and emerging technologies.

Archetype utilizes a two-phased approach to training, in conjunction with the Train the Trainer approach. As part of the first phase of training, users must execute test cases. We provide users with detailed instructions and steps. At the end of this phase, we conduct a more comprehensive training session to help increase system knowledge and the ability to use the system with ease.

The training approach can include:

  • Instructor-Led Training
  • Web-Based Training
  • Process Simulation

Our approach to managed services is flexible and comprehensive and matches your organization’s needs. Archetype provides application management services ranging from on-call to dedicated on-site support.

On-call and on-site support enables your continued success

Managing, maintaining and improving an Analytics/EPM system can put a strain on both your IT and Finance staff. We understand that nothing is more important to you than getting the best advice and support to address end-user requests, system enhancements, training, and process control. Our offerings dedicate specific resources to each client to quickly familiarize ourselves with your specific applications and business needs.

For IT functions, we control costs and ensure your solution stays updated and optimized for your customers.

For Finance functions, we’ll relieve the challenge of recruiting, training and managing the skill-set needed for effective application management.

  • An insurance policy that reduces the downtime – especially in emergency situations.
  • Predictable costs for client.
  • Focus on both the business and technical requirements.
  • Committed service at a committed price.
  • Expert support and management of your system including knowledge of newest features and functionality.
So What’s next?

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