Dataiku 11.3: Streamlined and Secure Data Science Workflows with Exciting New Features

Dataiku 11.3: Streamlined and Secure Data Science Workflows with Exciting New Features

Taking Data Science Workflows to The Next Level

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One of the tools our team at Archetype enjoys working with is Dataiku. Consultants enjoy working with Dataiku because it offers both a rich GUI, as well as a first-class coding experience.

By Ken Sanford

Data Science Lead

Dataiku, a leading provider of collaborative data science and machine learning platform, has just released its latest version, 11.3, with a range of exciting new features to enhance the data science workflows. 

  1. Improved Project Management: The newest release includes an updated project management interface that provides better visibility and control over the project's assets, datasets, and flow of work. 

  1. Enhanced Model Management: Dataiku 11.3 introduces a new centralized model management system that makes it easier to track, compare, and deploy models. 

  1. Streamlined Experimentation: The new version features a more intuitive and streamlined experimentation process, making it easier to conduct and compare multiple experiments. 

  1. Advanced Visualization: Dataiku 11.3 offers advanced visualization options that allow users to create interactive dashboards and reports that can be shared with stakeholders. 

  1. Increased Collaboration: It includes a range of collaboration features that make it easier for data scientists to work together, share work, and collaborate on projects. 

  1. Improved Deployment: The latest version includes improvements to the deployment process, including a streamlined deployment wizard, automatic deployment scripts, and a new deployment log. 

  1. Enhanced Security: Dataiku 11.3 includes a range of security improvements, including support for SAML-based single sign-on and improved encryption for data in transit and at rest. 

In conclusion, Dataiku 11.3 provides a more efficient, streamlined, and secure environment for data scientists to collaborate and conduct data science work. Whether you are a seasoned data scientist or just starting out, the new features in Dataiku 11.3 will help you to take your data science workflows to the next level.