Performance Management
Performance Management

Performance Management


As a leader, you rely on data to make financial decisions on behalf of your organization. An effective Performance Management System is key to breaking away from Spreadsheet limitations and disparate legacy applications to unify financial consolidation, reporting, planning, analytics and machine learning. Archetype designs and builds end-to-end Performance Management Systems for:

CPM Leadership & Business Intelligence
Strategic offerings that combine knowledge, leadership, and collaboration in order to effectively drive organizational change leveraging a modern data strategy.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
Manage and govern global FP&A with powerful predictive capabilities to continually analyze how sales, production, price and labor affect profitability and future plans.

Financial Close and Consolidation
Conquer the complexity of the financial close and consolidation process and deliver rapid insights to internal and external stakeholders.

Trailblazing with Confidence

You can expect plenty of cross-winds to misguide you off the scent trail. We can ensure that you have the technology and data necessary to navigate complexity with greater confidence and accuracy, regardless of the operational tempo.

Purpose Built for the Hunt

Measuring past performance, assessing the impact of internal and external business changes and modeling potential future outcomes; Leading with speed and confidence requires a unified data strategy and an integrated performance management platform.

Organizational Discipline for Strategy Execution

One plan, one operating model and a single-version-of-truth. Nothing cements a highly performing team more than clear, confident and actionable information. Archetype will ensure that Finance is equipped to lead from the front

Ricardo Musquiz

Archetype strives for 100% customer success and the only way to do that is with the best consulting team in the industry.

Ricardo Musquiz
Practice Lead | Performance Management