Cimpress Trades Blackline for OneStream

Cimpress Trades Blackline for OneStream

Cimpress Trades Blackline for OneStream

Performance Management

Cimpress, an investor in businesses that use mass customization to configure and produce small quantities of individually customized goods, was looking to move off of Blackline to implement the OneStream Account Reconciliation solution to further unify and simplify financial consolidation and reporting.



Requirements and Design Sessions

Hold sessions to discuss delivery of Req matrix



Build the implementation



Train Cimpress to utilize the application

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Cimpress had previously invested in OneStream Consolidation which was not integrating well with their Blackline solution. To reconcile this, Archetype was brought in to expand Cimpress’ OneSream footprint by moving off of Blackline and into OneStream Account Reconciliation.


Archetype met with Cimpress to hold sessions discussing the design requirements before building the implementation of account reconciliation in OneStream. The team created several customizations including, a customized dashboard that pulled journal entry data from the actual finance cube, as well as added source account description to the account reconciliation page, which automated the tasks that run the discover process and pull journal entry data.


Now that Cimpress is utilizing account reconciliations within the same platform as financial consolidation and reporting, the general ledger (GL) trial balances, consolidated financials, and account reconciliations live in the same system and are always in synch. This means that Cimpress’ general ledger accountants can begin performing their account reconciliations as soon as they submit their financial results for consolidation. And if there are adjustments made to GL balances, they will be updated immediately in the consolidated results, and in the reconciliation. There’s no need to move data into a separate account reconciliations system. This was a huge relief to Cimpress, helping the company reduce risk, improve internal controls, and accelerate the financial close.