Better Visibility into Employee Compensation Planning with OneStream

Better Visibility into Employee Compensation Planning with OneStream

Utilizing OneStream People Planning Marketplace Solution

Performance Management

PGT Innovations, a company that keeps people safe by creating products built to withstand major storms, wanted to expand usage of the OneStream platform with the implementation of the OneStream People Planning Marketplace Solution and the ability to calculate direct labor compensation metrics. This would allow for better visibility into employee compensation planning.



Research and Development

During the research and development phase, we conducted sessions and configured people planning.



The Archetype team built out people planning and direct labor cubes (metadata, calculations, workflows, reports, direct connect)


Go live

During the implementation, we trained, tested, and documented the process.

Get the Details


PGT Innovations was using manual processes in Excel to plan indirect and direct labor costs. They were looking for better and more automated processes, as well as the ability to consolidate data. 


Archetype implemented OneStream’s People Planning and Direct Labor Planning to replace the manual Excel based process. A standardized process to consolidate all human capital data in one place was developed. Additionally, custom data tables were also created in order to store direct labor salary structure by division, job title, and time-in-job to calculate hyper-accurate monthly hourly rates by each employee.  


This OneStream implementation allowed PGT Innovations to collect, calculate, analyze and report on the indirect and direct labor costs for annual and quarterly forecasting and planning. OneStream’s application also provided more accurate results of employee compensation based on global, entity, and department specific drivers. The biggest benefits for the customer were simplifying the handling of compensation, benefits, merit, and tax calculations, as well as improved reporting through reports and dashboards. Most importantly, PGT Innovations was now able to remove the manual processes, saving company resources.