Grapes & Data: Why You Need A Modern Analytic Solution

Grapes & Data

Why You Need A Modern Analytic Solution.

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When talking about getting valuable insights from your data where we need to start is with a glass of great wine. I know you might be thinking; what does wine have to do with valuable insights? Well just like a great wine is created through grapes going through a specific wine-making process; in order to get valuable insights, your business data needs to go through a specific insight-making process known as your analytic solution.

By Mitchell Boothman

Marketing & Talent Acquisition Manager

The same grapes with just small changes in the wine-making process can produce a totally different tasting wine.  And can even be the difference between a good wine and a great wine.  This is also true with your business data.  Small changes in your analytic solution can be the difference between backward looking analysis vs. forward looking insights for your business.  Ultimately these insights are what can set you apart from your competition and give you the ability to make business critical decision in a timely matter.

Your grapes go through a specific wine-making process and each step is essential to the final taste of the wine. 


Your data goes through an insight-making process but how does it “taste”?  Are you getting valuable insights from your data or do you have too much data?  Or is it in difficult to read reports that you cannot customize to get the insights you need?


Imagine with me a wine that changed flavor based on the individual that was drinking it.  Each person has different preference in wine.  Some prefer white over red or sweeter over bitter.  This all comes down to so many variables to why individuals prefer some wines over others but one is taste buds.  Some people have more or fewer taste buds than others which changes how the wine tastes to those individuals.  So again, imagine with me a wine that once poured into you glass tasted like the best wine for you?  Obviously, we are not quite there yet in our wine-making innovations but, we are there with producing business insights.  

With a Modern Analytic Solution, we can put the power of creating valuable insights back into the hands of the individual user.  That way when needing to make business critical decision they can customize their insights to what they need to make these decisions.  No more trying to decipher difficult to read reports or wait hours for a report to be run.  Get access to the information you need at the moment you need it and in formats that makes sense to you.