Membership + Donors = A Thriving Nonprofit

Membership + Donors = A Thriving Nonprofit


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If you work a nonprofit, you know how many different people come through your door. You see visitors, members, and event guests. And, for most nonprofits, information about these constituents is sometimes located in the several different databases.

By Theresa Lee

Non-Profit Consultant

Every nonprofit faces the same fundraising challenge – seeking new donors and increasing gifts from established donors. But with member, donor, and volunteer information not integrated into a single database, staff must do triple the work just to communicatewith them, let alone solicit them in a meaningful way.  You are missing opportunities to talk to the people closest to your cause, who best understand and can support your non-profit.


Integrating and analyzing the data from your donors, members, event attendees, and volunteers can provide a great starting point for your strategy. From a fundraising perspective, they are already inclined to support your cause, you already have their information, and it is likely to be up-to-date.

  • Who among your membership is philanthropic?

  • Are your events yielding the connection you seek and converting attendees into members or donors?

  • Are your volunteers also donors?

If you start tracking your members’ activities—how long they have been members, how often they visit, what events they’ve attended—the data can be analyzed to understand which members have financial resources and are most inclined to become donors.

When paired with additional data points, you can get a more robust view of those closest to you and have a roadmap of which non-donors share similar characteristics to your current donors. Once you know the right members, volunteers and event attendees to target, you can start to cultivate the right people and begin converting them to donors.