Snowflake's FedRAMP High Authorization: A Major Leap Forward in Public Sector Data Security

Snowflake's FedRAMP High Authorization: A Major Leap Forward in Public Sector Data Security

Signifies compliance with over 400 rigorous security controls

Analytic Insights

Snowflake's recent achievement of FedRAMP High authorization on AWS GovCloud (US-West and US-East Regions) marks a significant milestone in cloud security and data management for the public sector. As a Premier Tier Partner of Snowflake, Archetype recognizes the immense value this brings to our collaborations in public sector projects, including our work with Vermont Health Connect.

By Joshua Kreiger

SVP | Operations & Practice Lead | Service Cloud

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Snowflake's Enhanced Security Standards

The FedRAMP High authorization signifies Snowflake’s compliance with over 400 rigorous security controls. This is a critical endorsement for any cloud service provider (CSP), especially in the context of protecting the federal government's most sensitive unclassified data. For public sector entities, this level of security assurance is crucial for managing data effectively and securely.

Impact on Public Sector Data Management 

With Snowflake's elevated security status, public sector organizations can now confidently leverage cloud-based data solutions knowing they adhere to the highest security standards. This authorization is especially pertinent in today's environment, where data security and privacy concerns are paramount.

Archetype’s Role in Public Sector Transformation

In our work with Snowflake, Archetype has been actively involved in harnessing these enhanced security capabilities to improve data management for public sector clients. A prime example is our Modern Data Analytics & Reporting (MDAR) solution for Vermont Health Connect. This solution, built on Snowflake's secure platform, revolutionized their data management system, addressing challenges like system downtime, data latency, and outdated components.

While the MDAR Accelerator (available on AWS Marketplace) underscores our commitment to leveraging Snowflake’s powerful data capabilities, the FedRAMP High authorization adds a new layer of security assurance to our offerings. It enables us to provide even more robust solutions to our clients in the public sector, ensuring their data is not only well-managed but also highly secure.

The Bigger Picture for Cloud Security and Public Sector

Snowflake's FedRAMP High authorization is not just a win for the company but a significant advancement for the entire cloud computing domain, particularly in the public sector. This development is a step forward in ensuring that public sector entities have access to the most secure and efficient data management tools available, fostering a data-driven approach to public service and governance.

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