Assisting the Commonwealth with Accurate Occupational Data

Assisting the Commonwealth with Accurate Occupational Data

The Virginia Office of Education Economics Uses Data to Impact Policy

Analytic Insights

The Virginia Office of Education Economics (VOEE) was created by legislation with a mission to leverage data to inform program, policy, and partnerships across the Commonwealth. The data that VOEE provides informs policy and practice on talent in Virginia for policy makers, educational partners, employers, the workforce development system, students, and families. VOEE required assistance with creating a data and visualization platform to share data aligned to this legislative mission. VOEE selected Archetype to perform the development and deployment of a regional supply demand framework using Tableau.

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VOEE wanted to create an automated dashboard that would allow stakeholders from across the state to view the occupational profiles and key data metrics for each of Virginias unique occupations in the Bureau of Labor Statistics data set. Because VOEE did not have a dedicated analytics team, Archetype was brought in to develop a core data model and develop a functional protype dashboard that was easy to use and would be a trusted place for this type of data. 


Archetype developed an integrated data model in Tableau that blends student completion data with relevant market information. The data required was provided in Excel based extracts from VOEE. Integration of this data was complete using Tableau. After which, the dashboard was created to support reporting of blended student completion data and relevant market information.  


The Tableau dashboard that Archetype created allowed the ability for users to download data tables in Excel or .csv file format, as well as ways for users to interact with the data to see estimated impacts from implementing different intervention or policy options preprogrammed in the data. It also provided the ability to pull data by region, industry, and other relevant dimensional filtering.  

 With these new capabilities now available, VOEE was successful in their intent to share relevant data and insights across the state of Virginia. Ultimately, this Tableau dashboard will assist the Commonwealth in gaining a consistent perspective on the measurement and reporting of the availability of qualified and skilled workers to meet demand within industry across each of the regional economies within Virginia.