Creating a Strategic Roadmap to a Modern Analytics Environment Implementation

Creating a Strategic Roadmap to a Modern Analytics Environment Implementation

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Analytic Insights

Flagship Pioneering is an American life sciences venture capital company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts that invests in biotechnology, life sciences, health and sustainability companies.



Current State, Desired State and Gap Analysis

We reviewed the current ability to execute a business strategy and built consensus on gaps and capabilities with team.


Alternatives and Impact Analysis

We reviewed desired timing for gaps that need to be addressed and business impact and dependencies.


Strategy & Roadmap Development

We developed a business case including cost, benefit, savings, timing, risk and dependencies.

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As Flagship strives to become more efficient with business and organizational information, they are interested in streamlining the way Flagship collects, secures, and reports on various sources of information, such as public financial information, private and secure company information, financials, historical information, and additional information.  


Archetype developed a Centralized Data Platform (CDP) Pilot. The CDP Pilot was aimed at creating the proper path forward for Flagship to reach their goal of streamlining their data. Archetype provided them with a business case that included a current state, desired state, and gap analysis, as well as alternatives, impacts and potential savings. The team also created an analytics strategy, as well as a roadmap inclusive of quick wins, initiatives, dependencies, timing, resource plan, and a fees data catalog. Lastly, the plan also included a list of core data elements, including definition of source, dimension, owner, and sensitivity level, which would be delivered in a centralized collaboration tool. 


Archetype delivered a comprehensive business case to Flagship that outlined the proper set of modern analytic tools, process improvements, and resource needs for a Centralized Data Platform (CDP). Once implemented, Flagship’s productivity will increase by reducing or removing complexities and inefficiencies in gathering data. It will also speed up insights to quickly access data with drill-in capabilities and increase accuracies in data catalogs, mapping & reporting. Archetype's strategy and roadmap approach will be leveraged by Flagship to articulate the rationale for the tools that were chosen and to provide context for the value that it will provide to the organization.