Enhanced Financial And Operational Reporting Switching To A Modern Technology Stack

Enhanced Financial And Operational Reporting Switching To A Modern Technology Stack

new environment will serve as the foundation moving forward

Analytic Insights

Nasuni is a cloud storage company with headquarters in Boston, MA. Leadership was looking to optimize their enterprise reporting environment by utilizing modern cloud-based technologies. Nasuni wanted to ramp up a cloud-based data platform without committing to a large-scale implementation project.

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Nasuni’s current reporting process was highly manual and disparate. Relying on Excel, Access, and python scripts, the process was not scalable and required a significant time commitment from key Analyst resources. As a result, Nasuni opted to execute a Proof of Concept that streamlined the data integration process and delivered recurring reporting in a performant manner for one of their critical reports. This POC would serve as confirmation that the tools Nasuni selected would deliver the integrated reporting environment they needed.


Recognizing that significant technical expertise was required, Nasuni turned to Archetype to lead a 4-week POC focused on Nasuni’s Customer Health Index report. The POC focused on creating an integrated data warehouse with the following technologies:

  • Fivetran – for data integration with Salesforce and product logging and monitoring data

  • Snowflake – centralized cloud data storage and transformation

  • Tableau– visualizations and calculations of Customer Health Index reporting
    Success of the POC was defined by the ability to recreate the complex calculations embedded within the Customer Health Index Report while balancing ease of use, flexibility, scalability, and reliability.


Over the 4-week POC period, Archetype partnered with Nasuni to install Fivetran, Snowflake, Tableau. With this new environment in place, the Customer Health Index Report was developed through a fully integrated and automated process. The POC achieved the success criteria set out at the onset of the project and the new environment will serve as the foundation on which Nasuni can build an enhanced suite of financial and operational reporting.

Tony Goodnough

This project exceeded my expectations in all areas and the Archetype team received outstanding praise from everyone on my team not only for their expertise, but their ability to understand our business and not force a model onto us. I’ve run a number of POC/implementation projects and this was one of the best experiences I’ve had with some outstanding results. Not only did we expedite our project timeline, but we shifted to a new BI tool mid project and didn’t skip a beat.

Tony Goodnough
Director of Finance, Strategy & Operations