Guayaki Implements Snowflake and Service Cloud Customer

Guayaki Implements Snowflake and Service Cloud Customer

Creating A Single Version of Truth

Analytic Insights

Guayaki, an organic beverage company specializing in yerba mate products based in Sebastopol, California, reached out to Archetype for the best solution to get better reporting out data sources. We created a single version of truth for the client and are continuing to support them moving forward through our Service Cloud.

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An initial roadmap success led to a Snowflake implementation to get better reporting out of their NetSuite (ERP), Encompass (ERP), and Adaptive (CPM) data sources. The issue is that the two ERP systems combined make up the total of their data but there was no way to combine it without tedious exports, mappings, and lots of spreadsheets to combine all of the data for single version of truth reporting. 


Archetype used a combination of Snowflake (EDW), Fivetran (ELT), Azure Blob Storage (file repository), and Sigma (reporting) to create single version of truth, automated reporting for sales and inventory data which is updated daily. 


The client has better insight into the full business with increased visibility to the internal and external distribution channels. One single reporting repository for revenue by channel, customer, geography, etc. Inventory between the two ERP systems allows them to see where stock is low and what needs to be moved from one place to another. Better inventory specifically "Weeks on Hand" which is an indicator of a level of stock can be analyzed across various distribution locations. The leadership team keeps an eye on this measure and can decide to boost production or move inventory. There are many report benefactors in this process largely the finance team for better sales reporting which is used in forecasting & budgeting. The operations team and controller are able to use this for inventory metrics and better geographic operational reporting. The analytics manager has confident data processes in place leading to better overall analytical measures for reporting.