Hospital Connects Cancer Patients To Optimal Clinical Trials

Hospital Connects Cancer Patients To Optimal Clinical Trials


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A leading Boston-based Cancer Center employs a cutting-edge technique that involves identifying affected genes and specific gene mutations which has led to greater success in curing cancer.

The Cancer Center needed a technology solution to help manage internal and external knowledge of targeted gene research and clinical trials. Archetype’s solution allows patients to find care options for their specific disease from trials held around the world.

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The Cancer Center had industry-leading research material on targeted gene therapy techniques and clinical trial data that they wanted to combine with outside clinical trial information.

By centralizing this data, they wanted to give their patients and the community the most information possible.


Archetype created a centralized store of targeted cancer therapy research conducted across hundreds of permutations of diseases, genes, and gene mutations. The Cancer Center’s knowledge base was then integrated with clinical trial data scraped from other organizations, including the US National Institute of Health.

To make the data easier for their community to search, advanced text analytics techniques and rules engine processing were used to parse through trial descriptions and tag them with appropriate search criteria.


The result gives patients and their loved ones an easy way to browse research and search for the best care available for a particular disease.

Archetype built internal management portals for hospital and Cancer Center physicians and staff to manage content, keeping information current and relevant to their patients.

In addition, the team developed a portal to help manage clinical trial slot-availability, which includes waitlist management and physician/nurse scheduling.