Unlocking key personnel and operational data through Azure

Unlocking key personnel and operational data through Azure

Integrating Payroll & Quoting Software

Analytic Insights

NWN Carousel, the Leading Cloud Communications Service Provider (CCSP), wanted to integrate their payroll and quoting software for better data insight

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NWN Carousel had a new offering that was gaining traction in the market, and they were looking to pull analytics data to support the offering. To do this, they wanted to integrate data from two of their key sales and operations systems – Paycom, a system for managing payroll, and Zimit, a quoting software, which weren’t initially integrated.  


Archetype built custom connectors using Azure Functions written in Node.js. Fivetran then calls these functions to request and process new data from Paycom and Zimit into Snowflake. One of their existing Powershell scripts was also turned into an Azure function to retrieve Power BI usage data. 


With the Paycom and Zimit data now integrated via Archetype’s solution, NWN Carousel gained better visibility into Power BI usage to support their analytics program and was able to unlock key personnel and operational data that helped them to better manage onboarding processes within IT.