Navigating Competitive Healthcare Markets in Real-Time

Navigating Competitive Healthcare Markets in Real-Time

Using Automation to Create Data Navigate Competitive Healthcare Markets

Analytic Insights

Anchor Health Properties is a full-service healthcare real estate development, management, and investment company focused exclusively on healthcare facilities that invests in medical office buildings in top markets across the US. Archetype was tasked with automating the data collection and creation of market-based deal books that would assist them in speeding up the process of navigating competitive healthcare markets.



Define Requirements & Prototype Functions

We began by gathering requirements from the client, and verifying that Alteryx could complete the needed function.


Designing & Developing the data model & reporting app

After prototyping, we designed a data model that could support the reporting requirements. At the same time we developed the Alteryx app that would create individual deal books.


Testing & Implementation

In this stage, we refined the input/output of individual flows to ensure that apps would work well together and in sequence. We designed and refined the logical sequence for the client to update data and create deal books.

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Anchor Health Properties (AHP) was spending many hours preparing deal books for 44 target markets, in which a person would prepare a PDF report that included property information including, market statistics, recent comparisons, property details, images, and maps. Previously, this had all been created manually, taking one to two weeks to create just one report by pulling information from places like Revista, excel docs, and other raw data files. AHP was looking for a more automated process to speed up this process for creating and preparing deal books. 


Archetype was tasked with automating the deal books process for Anchor Health Properties. By using Alteryx and 7 designer analytic apps, Archetype was able to download the raw data files from the data provider, Revista, via an FTP site, as well as the available property images, using an API and developed a file storage system for the data files. The team was then able to combine raw data files with manual inputs and process the image files to create common dimensions and file types. Additionally, a submarket of shapefiles was created and used to assign submarkets to properties. By doing so, the process of creating the deal book PDFs based on user input and across all target markets as a batch run was completely automated. 


Prior to Archetype’s integration, it took one to two weeks to produce one of these deal books for a target market. Now with the implementation of Alteryx, Anchor Health Properties can produce a deal book within minutes and they can feel confident that the information produced is accurate and in real-time. With this newfound savings of resources, AHP can more quickly and efficiently provide healthcare in new and more efficient ways for outpatient and inpatient services.