QuickBase Replaces AWS Athena With Snowflake

Quickbase Replaces AWS Athena With Snowflake

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QuickBase is an organization that provides a low code application development platform for functional and technical users to build business applications safely and securely. Over 180 companies globally use their development platform for their business application needs.

As a part of their platform, QuickBase offers detailed audit reporting to provide customers visibility into how they were leveraging the platform. Originally, QuickBase was using an AWS Athena-based solution, but due to increased customer workloads began to run into latency, performance, and downtime issues.

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Quick Base reached out to Archetype with the following issues that hindered them in implementing their audit migration project, as well as expanding use cases for both internal and external analytics:

  • Recommendations on data integration options including comparing custom vs. off-the-shelf solutions

  • Best practices on managing multiple environments, code promotion processes, and security

  • Guidance on fully automating deployment artifacts through integration with existing CI/CD pipelines

  • Methods to programmatically connect to Snowflake and structure warehouses/data feeds to minimize latency and cost, while maximizing performance

  • Management of expanding Snowflake use cases across teams and functions, both internal and external


Archetype worked alongside Quick Base and used the following sessions as a framework for the team to discuss best practices and concrete implementation patterns & decision for an effective implementation of the audit service (and future Snowflake use cases).

  • Data flow, tools, and a deep dive into the existing sources

  • Recommendation of database schema design and future state data flow

  • Software development lifecycle & continuous integration / continuous delivery

  • Processes and best practices around development frameworks, security, warehouse setup, and data management procedures

  • Logical entities and registry management

  • Operating expense control through Snowflake resource monitors and quotas

  • Deployment, integration and rollback processes

  • Integration/ETL assessment and recommendations


The solution provided by Archetype impacted Quick Base positively in achieving their desired objective.

  • Quick Base quickly ramped up on Snowflake best practices and were able to quickly and confidently deliver a well-architected solution for the audit service

  • The team was able to apply the learnings for additional use cases (both internal and external)

  • The development & deployment frameworks are nearly no-touch, resulting in high-quality production outputs