Utilizing Data to Advance Medicine

Utilizing Data to Advance Medicine

Utilizing Data to Advance Medicine

Analytic Insights

A company focused on advancing a deep pipeline of precision therapies for patients with a broad range of gnomically defined cancers and rare diseases needed to implement Snowflake, as well as a user security model in order to utilize third party and internal data of clinical trials.




Assessed ETL and Data Catalog tools 



Proposed our preferred options (Fivetran and data.world)


Configure and implement

Initialized the analytics tools (Snowflake and Fivetran) and implemented complex data integrations to BPM's staging environment.

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The customer’s primary challenge was that they had already purchased Snowflake but needed support when creating the initial setup and security model. The customer had internal workstreams aimed at prioritizing analytics use cases, however, those initiatives weren’t integrated with the third party data.  


Archetype assessed the possible ETL tools that they could use with this customer. We evaluated weather Informatica or Fivetran would be the best option. Once the evaluation was complete, the team selected Fivetran as the best option and completed the initial setup and configuration of the data catalog tool. From here, multiple tools were reviewed and data.world, Snowflake, and access model were chosen. The team created a custom API to support Informa, which was created via javascript to ensure efficiency and scalability for additional 3rd party data sources. In the end, the project loaded 11 sources of data across the company. 


Archetype’s implementation helped the company build automated processes to load complex third-party data into the company’s snowflake environment, which positions them to integrate with internal data in the future. Ultimately, this will help them make strides in the healthcare industry, better understanding how to help their cancer patients.