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Analytics Leadership & Business Intelligence

Archetype in Analytics Leadership

Our focus is on maximizing the value of data through alignment of analytics strategy and organizational objectives. We engage stakeholders, define analytics vision, develop critical insights, and strengthen trust with our customers. Our projects are delivered through a combination of leading workshops, exploring processes, optimizing data models, building metrics, and automating dashboards. We are service delivery leaders, Business Intelligence SMEs, and data enthusiasts.


Modern Analytics Strategy and Roadmap

Our team of industry experts simplifies the complicated process of building a successful analytics team and data infrastructure through a comprehensive approach that creates a tailored roadmap of the best tools and resources for specific needs and provides ongoing strategic guidance.

Business Intelligence Optimization

Archetype bridges the disconnect between BI content and end-user expectations with a process that aligns report features to stakeholders' needs using depth and experience in leading BI tools.

Data Governance

Archetype consultants specialize in enhancing data governance by improving Master Data Management (MDM), data quality, and security policies to turn data into a strategic asset and avoid ambiguity and loss of trust from stakeholders.


Fluttering towards Data Success: Analytics Leadership as a Service elevates organizations by offering expert guidance and support in utilizing data for making informed decisions, crafting data-driven strategies, and extracting maximum value from their data assets.

Customer 360

Archetype provides a comprehensive view of customer data from various touchpoints to enable organizations to develop a deeper understanding of their customers, identify key drivers of customer value, and make data-driven decisions to improve customer experience and increase customer lifetime value.


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