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Cloud Engineering & DevOps

Archetype Cloud Engineering & Operations

In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, agility, cost-efficiency, and security matter more than ever. As companies are accelerating their cloud journey, Archetype’s team of experts are here to guide you, enabling you to harness the power of the cloud to innovate, reduce cost, and accelerate your business insights and operations. Need help with the basics of migrating your data to the cloud? We can do that too!


Cloud readiness assessment & roadmap

Cloud transformation is a process. Simplifying the complex is our specialty. We will assess your infrastructure and workloads and provide a roadmap with delivery model and tool recommendations to meet your business goals.

Cloud Migration Execution

We use automated cloud management tools and infrastructure as code to rapidly and efficiently create cloud environments and migrate your workloads along with a transformation plan to meet planning targets.

Cloud Operations Optimization

Using our proprietary tools, we scan your cloud environment and identify risks and cost savings and provide remediation steps and best practice recommendations to enable you to maximize the power of the cloud and meet the highest security and compliance standards.

DevOps implementation and optimization

Agility, accuracy, and security are more important than ever in the modern marketplace. Regardless of your place on the DevOps journey, we will leverage modern tooling and best practices to increase your development throughput, streamline software delivery, quickly identify risks through automated testing, and increase the resiliency of your platform.

Modern Data Analytics & Reporting (MDAR)

Archetype's Modern Data Analytics & Reporting (MDAR) is a SaaS-based data analytics and reporting accelerator, powered by AWS, Snowflake, and Tableau. On the AWS marketplace, MDAR modernizes security and offers robust disaster recovery. It reduces resource needs for software maintenance and offers up to a 99% reduction in operational report runtime, improving data processing speed from hours to seconds and data load & ETL run times from multi-day execution to a couple of hours or even minutes. Click "Learn More" below to see how Vermont Health Connect leveraged MDAR for their Data Platform and Reporting needs.

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