ASA Implements a data governance framework

ASA Implements a data governance framework

Creating A Single Collaboration Site for Documentation for ASA

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The American Student Assistance (ASA) is a nonprofit organization that helps kids discover their educational and career opportunities. Archetype worked with ASA's Insights and Outcomes team to explore and execute a data governance framework. Together we set up distinct data governance teams, a collaboration site for documentation, meeting agendas and cadence, and outlined strategic data-related initiatives at the organization.




Set up introductions to possible frameworks - Gather team members and introduce theme



Set up Sharepoint site to increase sharing and collaboration - Circulate tasks to increase conten



Set up regularly recurring data governance meetings with specific agendas - Organized discussions with focus on data strategy and top-down communication

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The American Student Assistance organization was trying to better understand the types of data being collected and stored in their data warehouse. Additionally, the company was looking for a better process to share documentation instead of sending files via email or corporate drive. They needed these processes to be created and documented. The stakeholders and data stewards did not communicate regularly nor receive strategy updates that effect how their data should be governed.


Archetype worked with ASA's Insights and Outcomes team to explore and execute a data governance framework. The Archetype team created two data governance teams, the committee consisting of senior leaders, and the Stewards consisting of data owners. We then created a list of initiatives for prioritization of development work. Lastly, we centralized the document sharing for agendas, committee, and steward meeting notes, as well as standard operating procedures.


Archetype’s implementation allowed the American Student Assistance organization to agree on a framework for data governance including the teams, agenda, cadence, and output. In the end there was one collaboration site for documentation, which in turn, increased communication and understanding across business units related to data strategy.