Get to know your stakeholders to enhance your business intelligence

Get to know your stakeholders to enhance your business intelligence

Utilizing Personas to Extract the Right Data Across Your Organization

Analytic Insights

Mimecast is a leading SAAS provider of cybersecurity and threat intelligence, specializing in email security and protection. Archetype created personas of Tableau server users across Mimecast’s organization for a better view into their stakeholders, ultimately leading to new dashboards that were implemented, reducing the time it took to onboard new salespeople and dramatically lowering the time to run reports across the company.



Survey Analytics Users

Archetype led development and deployment of a custom user survey and performed analysis of results.


Interview Analytics Team & Power Users

Archetype interviewed all existing team members discover quality content and gather a list of data driven business professionals to include in workshops.


Host Stakeholder Workshops

Archetype planned and hosted 20 workshops with business leaders and analytics users from frontline resources to director level leadership. We discovered useful content, analytics challenges and opportunities, and areas to focus analytics enablement efforts.

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Mimecast’s Business Intelligence (BI) team was faced with an almost complete turnover of employees over a period of 18 months. As such, the existing Tableau Server environment had undergone many cycles of management, resulting in the lack of trust in reports with employees across the company. In addition, many employees weren’t utilizing the tableau environment because they didn’t know how the reports would benefit them regarding their role at the company. Lastly, as a truly global organization, the adoption and development of data processes is often regionally siloed. Mimecast was looking for help from Archetype to clean up the Tableau environment, bring back trust with consolidated reporting across the globe, and develop a series of personas that the BI team could utilize to better understand the employee’s needs. 


Archetype’s Managed Services team was brought in to survey and interview existing Tableau users within Mimecast to identify what types of roles were utilizing the environment and what type of data they were looking for. Additionally, they reviewed what types of information non-users might want to utilize in the new environment. Archetype held a series of workshops with business analytics users to gather the information necessary to complete the personas and content that would be curated and included in the new dashboards. 


The Managed Services team created 10 personas of Tableau Server users and curated existing content around them. This allowed the BI team to get a simplified understanding of employees across the company and how they could better serve and support them in doing their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Additionally, prior to Archetype’s help, the average onboarding time for a Mimecast sales team member lasted approximately three months. However, with the new dashboards that were implemented, Mimecast is optimistic that this time will be dramatically reduced. Lastly, the Managed Services team was able to connect with many different stakeholders across the company throughout their investigation. During this time, they discovered that many of the executives weren’t utilizing the dashboards or features to their full capacity, leaving employees feeling frustrated and unable to obtain necessary data. Archetype was able to train these individuals around how to better utilize the reports and dashboards for improved user experience and reduced time creating unnecessary reports. This prompted Mimecast to create future training sessions for their employees to continue this time of learning so that employees could continue to do their jobs quickly and efficiently.