Public Sector agencies must become proactive, flexible, and efficient to meet the obligations promised to their citizens. Archetype pairs our expertise in business intelligence tools with policy and regulatory experience to help public programs run smoothly.


By maintaining and leveraging data intelligence, Archetype has mastered the art of sifting through vast amounts of data in order to derive meaningful conclusions. We match your needs with the most appropriate suite of business intelligence tools depending on your existing systems and processes. Archetype resolves the imperative to understand how to derive knowledge from all of the data, and to use that knowledge to enhance the provision of public services.

Improve planning accuracy

Understanding the business process and improving data quality, the public sector staff can plan and execute a broad range of policy initiatives while providing improved customer service through informed decision making.

Gain Operational Insight

Using business intelligence tools and user friendly dashboards, views and
reports, clients are able to monitor the success of repetitive batch processes, extract reports, consume new data values and store data in a logical manner.

Assure Compliance

Public sector agencies must satisfy the reporting and regulatory requirements of oversight agencies, funders, advocacy groups and other stakeholders. Accurate reporting and strong data governance are critical to maintaining compliance.
Persons Enrolled

Number of individuals enrolled in a health plan via Vermont Health Connect representing 1/3 of all Vermonters.

Operational Readiness

Vermont Health Connect was the only state based exchange to be fully operational on 3 key health insurance exchange features and be partially operational on the remaining function. No other state had more than 2 fully functional operational areas.

Successful Reenrollments

95% of current QHP enrollees were automatically reenrolled into a health new plan – without requiring beneficiary or state staff intervention – during open enrollment 2017.

Vermont’s Uninsured Rate

As of 2015, the percentage of Vermonters without health insurance was well below the national average of 9.1%

Case Studies

HIXANALYTICS is a packaged solution for state based health exchanges
Data Analytics, Public Sector
HIXANALYTICS is a packaged solution for state based health exchanges

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