Charting the path from strategy to performance

Businesses rely on timely and well-informed decision making to achieve a market leading strategic vision.

An Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) platform with efficient and high quality supporting processes is a foundational resource for tracking critical objectives against plan and predicting future outcomes. Archetype’s holistic approach to EPM solutions enables finance and accounting teams to establish and maintain a world class EPM environment, elevating their contributions, impact, and value within the organization.

EPM Blueprint

The EPM Blueprint includes broad consideration of the applications, processes, data, infrastructure and roles required to measure and manage a business.

Our approach provides a set of powerful tools which can be used to ensure success on future initiatives:
• Interviews/Workshops
• Requirements document
• Current State ‘Heat Map’
• Summarized Findings
• Future State Systems Overview
• Expected Benefits
• Implementation Strategy
• Project Timeline and Plan
• Cost and Resource Requirements Estimate
• Sample Vendor/Tool Selection Process Overview

Optimize Business Processes

Archetype’s functional requirements definition process provides the finance and accounting organization a holistic perspective of their capabilities, process issues and system limitations into a consumable format to drive the appropriate change.

Challenges clients ask us to help solve include:
• Wringing risk and uncertainty out of the monthly close process
• Improving forecast accuracy and efficiency
• Connecting operational drivers to simulate changes to the business
• Developing insightful reporting and analytics to turn data into actionable information

Technology Selection & Implementation

Archetype helps clients identify their requirements and select the right solutions to develop their strategic vision and prepare the organization for future growth. Our team will partner with you to:

  • Maximize sustainability, quality, and efficiency by avoiding common pitfalls
  • Introduce and equip teams with industry best practices
  • Map organizations goals to an appropriate set of technology solutions
  • Perform needs based assessment to ensure selection based on fit, price and long-term requirements

Financial Process Engineering & Redesign

Archetype provides a complete service offering helping clients improve their financial processes with elimination of manual effort, integration of data, and adoption of matched technology solutions. Our team consists of experienced financial, technical, and project management experts with industry expertise. This combination of skills and experience provides our clients with the subject matter experts they seek throughout their transformation.

  • Driver-based Planning
  • Rolling Forecasting
  • Workforce Planning
  • Revenue & OpEx Modeling
  • Actuals Integration
  • Financial Consolidation & Close
  • Financial & Management Reporting Packages
  • KPI Reporting
  • Drill through & Data Analysis
Case Studies For Enterprise Performance Management

We are an analytics company. We bring new data to life & breathe new life into existing data.

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