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Why Choose OneStream: A Deep Dive into OneStream’s Planning, Consolidation, and Financial Close Solutions

If you’ve been shopping around for an EPM/CPM solution, you’ve heard about OneStream Software. You may even have some questions. Learn about OneStream and why it’s considered a best-in-class tool.

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Dynamic Planning: Unleading Finance Value Creation

Finance departments need to shift their priorities from the business plan to becoming competent in planning. Learn why it’s critical for departments, employees, and business cultures to adopt this this not-so-subtle nuance.

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Rolling Forecasts in Four Parts

Successful businesses all plan and forecast. They use the process as an opportunity to look back and see what worked, and look forward to make changes…and they need to stop sticking to the once-a-year-review.

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Workbook: Develop a Road Map for Fundraising

Fundraisers need to find new ways to get above the noise and enrich relationships with students, donors, alumni, and friends. Learn how data analysis can help your team prioritize giving portfolios and build a roadmap to success.

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